Yoga in Summer (夏のヨガ)

2015/05/14 投稿






As the weather changes , there are certain changes happens in our body and mind. Although our body and mind adjust these changes naturally but there are certain ways that we can help our body and mind to adjust smoothly.

 Summer months are a time of light and warmth and the energy of summer radiates at a high vibrations. When the temperature is hot outside it’s likely that we lose our tempers, get impatient and tires easily. To balance the heat and energy of summer season, we should create the environment of our physical body and mind to cool and calm.

Food is a very important part to balance the body. During summer acid part of our body increases and that can easily cause acidity. So It is very important to eat easy to digest food, watery fruits and vegetables like melon, cucumber, green leafs etc. Enjoy the foods, which are not so heavy to cook and eat. Drink plenty of water but not at a time. Incorporate herbs and spices that reduce the acid parts and detoxify our body like mint, coriander, fennel, cilantro, cumin etc.

Few yogasana and Pranayama would be also useful to incorporate in our daily routine .